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A clean sweep

With all the jovialities of the seasonal festivities well and truly over for another year, the hangover vanquished and your conniption focused on yet another New Year’s resolution broken, have you considered an easy solution, in the form of a clean sweep?

A seasonal spring clean if you will – a declutter of sorts. For now is a perfect time to cash in on that old jewellery that has sat in the jewellery box for a decade – no longer worn items, unwanted gifts, the broken items that you haven’t quite got around to fixing, the odd earring and that old broken charm bracelet.

The stability in the global gold price, coupled with the price of both precious gemstones and semi-precious gemstones, makes it the perfect time to release the potential equity tied up in your old items. You may be very pleasantly surprised as to the current market value of your old gold jewellery.

That’s why a clean sweep in the form of a jewellery clearance may be the perfect opportunity for you to cash in- and maybe use the extra cash to escape the winter blues on a far-flung exotic holiday.

Our process could not make it simpler – just drop by the store at your convenience, with whatever item you wish to know the current market value of. We will assess any item you wish to be appraised and we can offer a purchasing price for the item there and then. We pay in either cash, cheque or by direct bank transfer, or any combination of the three.

We have our own in-store XRF thermos analyser, which X-rays your jewellery and shows the exact composition of your precious metal. We also have direct trade links with the nation’s leading gold buyers and precious gemstone valuers located in both Hatton Garden and Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

Your unwanted, no longer used or broken jewellery can be instantly transformed into cash. We also offer a part exchange on all jewellery items, luxury watches and objects d’art, including silverware.

As a premier gold buyer, we can offer an unbeatable no-obligation-free jewellery appraisal including all gold and silver coinage. We are open from 9am until 4.30pm, Tuesday through to Saturday. Call in and see one of our friendly staff as no appointment is required.

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