A diamond necklace to dazzle the world

We have been very privileged to have owned some exquisite items of jewellery over the years. One of our latest acquisitions has to be at the forefront of any diamond statement necklace we have ever owned. Forming part of our window display, this necklace cannot have enough superlatives said about it. 

We recently allowed one of our very valued customers to borrow the necklace whilst she attended a prestigious black-tie ceremony in Mayfair. On her return from the metropolis, she was astonished by how much attention the necklace had drawn and the number of comments it sparked from attendees of the black-tie event.

The diamond necklace has  at its centre a large principal brilliant-cut round stone weighing in at three carats. This immediately draws the eye to the centre of the piece.

The modem-styled line necklace then graduates from the principal centre stone outwards. The centre is flanked by two equally impressive 2.75ct diamonds, each attached to the principal diamond.

These are then again flanked either side by two more striking 2.Sct diamonds, followed by others progressively getting proportionally smaller. The entire necklace has a total of S0cts of brilliant cut round diamonds all colour matched and graded to colour G and clarity VS! 2.

The diamonds have an excellent cut and polish grade which allows the diamonds to twinkle and sparkle when they reflect the light; it is simply dazzling.

The necklace has been made by master craftsmen who have set each individual diamond within its own articulate clawed collet; this allows the necklace fluidity of movement for the wearer. Once the necklace is put on it appears to lie across contours of the wearer’s neckline perfectly. 

The entire piece is constructed from 18K (750) white gold and is joined at the centre rear by an interlocking penetrative safety clasp. The necklace is a stunning statement piece that will be admired whenever it is worn.

This may not be the best diamond necklace currently on sale in the region but we have not had anything better drawn to our attention.

At Juels’ Limited we are always striving to bring new and existing items of jewellery to our customers. We are constantly searching for antique, art deco, vintage and modern jewellery to add to our ever-growing collection. If you have any hidden treasures, we would be delighted to offer a free appraisal service for any item of jewellery you may bring to our store at 32 London Street. Juels’ Limited, sponsors of this column, are also leading gold buyers and we are always here to purchase any item of jewellery you may wish to sell.

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