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A Golden Age

The world is in what appears to be a transitional period of resetting global finances. This spell of economic instability, unprecedented in our post-pandemic era and exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, has witnessed national and personal debt spiralling.

All democratic nations have raised taxes, edging us towards a financial recession and the predicament of a society carrying an ever-greater debt burden.

Most commodities and utility bills have risen with unparalleled speed. But fear not as one the planet’s most favoured tangible asset has risen to an all-time high; gold.

Following the festive season, the global markets opened up and plummeted once more. This inevitably sent gold soaring once again. Not since September 2022 has the market witnessed a higher price for gold.

The yearly high resulted in gold peaking at around £1,550 per ounce and trade and investment in gold is again buoyant and solid in the market.

By using our established trade connections, Juels’ Limited has become one of the region’s premier gold dealers. We offer the best daily gold prices per gram to be found in the East Anglian region to all our customers.

Trading in investment gold for any amount has become commonplace and we make these transactions as transparent and as simple as we possibly can. As leading precious metal dealers we purchase any amount of scrap gold, gold coins and bullion.

Our system could not simpler; drop into the store at 32 London Street and we will grade, separate and analyse any metal using our XRF machine. This process does not harm any item of jewellery or coins and is far better than the old method of filing the object and then subjecting it to an acid solution to determine the presence of gold.

However, be aware the high-grade acid test will only determine that the gold is of a high carat and not specify its purity; this can be between 10ct up to 24ct gold. The difference between 10ct and 24ct is circa £32 per gram. That’s a lot of money back into your pocket.

With rocketing energy bills, rising food prices and spiralling general living costs, selling your unwanted gold has never been a more promising prospect. If you wish to inquire just how much your gold is worth simply call into our store Tuesday until Saturday from 9am until 4.30pm.

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