Art Deco decadence

Art Deco decadence

The era between the world wars of last century spawned a thrilling new wave of jewellery, says James Hawkins

We have recently sold some fabulous items, including an antique diamond cluster ring with royal connections, the most fabulous 50ct graduated diamond necklace we have ever owned and an elegant, yet extravagant, diadem that once adorned the head of a baroness. 

We attempt to bring our customers a touch of extravagance within some of our jewellery items, sourcing most of our antique, Art Deco and vintage jewellery from trade-to-trade connections in Hatton Garden and Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter at Hockley. We are attracted to one-off items which may include suites of jewellery or unique stand-alone items with exquisite gemstones in the form of necklaces, pendants, rings or brooches. 

Great designers emerged from Paris early last century, such as Raymond Templier and Louis Cartier, alongside a new dynamic breed who influenced the way women were perceived in the modern world, such as Renee Puissant and Rene Sim Lacaza, who transformed the luxury brand Van Cleef & Arpels. The decorative arts movement (Art Deco) was a direct response to Art Nouveau. Which followed female curves, using flowing lines and natural symbols.  

The Art Deco era got underway with new, inspiring female designers seeking freedom and radical change to abolish the old male-dominated industry. They presented the world with a new-found style with bold clean lines, asymmetrical shapes, geometrical patterns and sharp, crisp corners decorated with gemstones that sported bright, vibrant colours such as rubies, sapphires, emerald, opals, onyx and jade. 

The golden age of jewellery from between the wars (circa 1930) is defined by the Art Deco period where it appeared that the carefree new-wave attitude was a counterpoint to the Great War’s devastation of young life. This new generation lived for today and wanted things in excess. It gave women a new-found freedom that was unprecedented in the modern era.  

The casual manner it adopted with jewellery witnessed the creation of many fabulous items using modern technology in cutting and crafting precious gemstones for jewellery while setting the gemstones in symmetrical patterns in the new-age wonder metal that is platinum. 

At Juels’ Limited we aim to provide the most prestigious antique, Art Deco and vintage jewellery to our customers. We have gained a fine reputation for our unique items and are quickly becoming the East of England’s go-to jeweller for jewellery from a certain era.  

As leading gold buyers, we are always in pursuit of obtaining wonderful items of jewellery or gold items to add to our collection. We offer a fast, friendly walk-in free evaluation, valuations and appraisal service in store at 32 London Street, Norwich, from Tuesday until Saturday with no appointments required. 

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