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Exquisite for Epsom

We have long been renowned for our beautiful period items of antique, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and vintage items of jewellery. However, it came as a bit of a surprise when an agent representing one of horse racing’s leading female celebrities approached us out of the blue and inquired if we would ever consider loaning her a piece of jewellery so she could wear it when she attends the Epsom races.

Once we confirmed with our insurers that the brooch was fully insured, we allowed her to loan the brooch for her Epsom experience.

The brooch itself is a wonderful example of exquisite Art Deco jewellery at its finest. Completely bespoke made by an unknown yet very talented master craftsmen to a commissioned design. Because of the composition and styling of the brooch it was most probably made in Paris, France.

At an initial glance this very fine brooch consists of old cut diamonds that are of exceptional quality and have all been superbly colour-matched and clarity graded to enable the maximum sparkle from the stones when they catch the reflecting light.

The brooch in its entirety is a very splendid accompaniment to any garment and can be worn for any day or evening occasion. This would have originally been given as gift and worn by a lady of great and significant importance from within her regional community. When it was originally commissioned, only the very privileged few would have been able to afford such a luxurious item.

The diamonds are all individually set in 950 platinum. This is then broken down into three individual components that make up one very impressive brooch. But once you take a closer look at the brooch you discover that all the parts clip into each other in another separate platinum frame.

This enables the brooch to be dismantled. The two end panels of triangular shape transform into collar clips, or alternatively, a pair of earrings. The main centre part then again comes away from the frame and becomes either a smaller brooch for day wear or a less important function or soiree.

Alternatively, it can also be transformed by adding a fine platinum chain that suspends the lesser brooch into a pendant, forming a suite of jewellery with matching earrings.

We at Juels’ Limited are always in awe of such splendid items and are always in the market for new purchases of fine jewellery to add to our collection. If you are considering selling any item of antique, art nouveau, art deco or vintage jewellery we are always here to buy and we pay the highest premiums for unwanted gold and silver items.

September Press

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