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Meteorite buy is out of this world

We have purchased some very unusual items in the past, but our latest meteorite acquisition may take some beating. It is literally out of this world.

A trade associate offered us the opportunity to purchase a fragment from a meteorite. Specifically, from the Seymchan Meteorite that was first discovered in June 1967. This extremely rare pallasite (i.e., of stony/metallic composition) rock was recovered from the Yasachnaya river bed, in the Magadan district of the Eastern Russian region of Seymchan.

The meteorite was created during the formation of the solar system over 4.55 billion years ago. The initial fragment was discovered by the acclaimed geologist F A Mednikov. The triangular-shaped meteorite weighed approximately 272.3kg.

Smashed from a minor planet’s parent body by an enormous cosmic impact, the particles were deposited within an asteroid belt. This extraordinary journey came to its end when the meteorite passed through the Earth’s atmosphere and landed in a Russian river bed millions of years ago.

In October of the same year, 1967, a detectorist called IH Markov discovered another fragment, this one weighing 51kg.

During a new expedition in 2004, Dmitri Kachalin recovered about 50kg of new material. The Seymchan meteorite belongs to a main group of pallasite, but it is considered anomalous due to its high Iridium content. Before the discovery of its pallasitic structure it had been classified as IIE anomalous coarse octahedrite and was rather dull in appearance. Due to the structure of The Seymchan, it is considered a stable and rust-resistant pallasite. Our fragment contains the rare honeycomb formation of olivine and peridot crystals seldom seen or featured in iron meteorites.

The fragment also has the Widmanst├Ątten pattern of shimmering lattice nickel and iron crystals formed throughout the specimen. This is caused by the unique ultra-slowing of materials formed from outer space combined with the shearing of the meteorite as it broke up during atmospheric entry.

It serves as testimony of the violent experience a meteor is subject to as it falls through the earth’s atmosphere.
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