The art of dressing a table

The art of dressing a table

At Juels’ Limited we stock a large selection of British and Continental silver objects. Dealing with the country’s leading silversmiths through our trade connections in both Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter and the Silver Vaults in London’s Chancery Lane, we often source and supply trade customers, hotels and restaurants with specific table centre pieces and objets d’art in the form of large bowls and terrines, epergnes, candelabras, and a ménage of various animals and sculptures all in silver.

‘A FINE-DINING RESTAURATEUR wished to enhance their private-dining experience by purchasing antique silver items’

Recently a fine-dining restaurateur and trade client wished to enhance their private dining experience by purchasing several antique silver items for decoration on their large antique table. They intended to enrich the entire ambience of their fine dining package with crisp white Irish linen napkins, a sparkling silver centrepiece and the warm flicker of candlelight.

We assisted them to achieve this by supplying them with a matched pair of five-stem Victorian candelabras for each end of the table, a large Edwardian centrepiece with asymmetrical tiered silver arms, each containing a variety of sized Waterford Crystal bowls, a large pair of silver pheasants from the turn of the century and six matched silver salts with classic Art Nouveau decoration and gold gilt inners. The delicate matching spoons were also in 925 silver and gold gilt. We then supplied an extra-large fruit bowl, which they intended to use as a champagne cooler to sit on the sideboard within the private fine dining room.

Another customer had recently completed the renovation work on their period Norfolk home and wanted to enhance the look of their formal dining room. They decided that a fine selection of silver would achieve their aim and purchased several items from us including a medium-sized pair of Edwardian pheasants hallmarked Sheffield 1907 to sit on the dining room table alongside a beautiful six-piece blue glass cruet set from the early belle époque period with intricate flora detailing with silver stoppers, hallmarked London 1902, and a beautiful pair of George III candlesticks typical of the period hallmarked London 1836.

Now, we may not dress our own dining room tables like this fine-dining establishment, but there is still a huge demand for quality silver items. At Juels’ Limited we are always on the search to buy these. We have an ever-growing client base that is seeking a variety of items from us, so therefore if you have any silver objects that you may wish to sell, simply drop them into the store and we will assess them and make an offer.

We can arrange instant payment methods via cash, bank transfer or cheque, including any combination of the three, for each individual transaction. We are open Tuesday through to Saturday from 9 am until 4.30 pm. Call into store to speak to James or Alex.

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