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Water of the sea

A quamarine historically symbolises youth, vibrancy and happiness and since antiquity it has been seen as the gemstone of clarity and vision. Due to the intense blue colour saturation to its opaque crystalclear centre, aquamarine was once used a visual aid.

The ancient Greeks associated it with power and wisdom, believing it enabled the wearer to see into the future. Greek mythological tales stated that aquamarines could ward off the wrath of Poseidon and the myth was created in western culture that it could protect people travelling across the ocean and sea, as well as preventing illness and warning away any harm or evil spirits to the wearer through its purity.

The famous Roman general and commander of the Roman Empire’s navy, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, symbolised his power by wearing a talisman with a large aquamarine centre stone that also encapsulated the belief in the power of the seas, of its gift of protection near water and being able to look into the future so he could out-manoeuvre and defeat the enemy.

Agrippa was as well-known for his civic duties as for his military exploits. He was also responsible for co-ordinating repairs and improvements to Rome’s water works – this again strengthened the symbolism with water. Eventually he renovated and extended the Aqua Marcia aqueduct and introduced water to new parts of the city.

At Juels’ Limited we were delighted to purchase a large aquamarine from the Santa Maria de Itabira mines of the Minas Gerais, located in the south-eastern region of Brazil. As you would expect the natural blue intensity of the colour saturation is exquisite as gems sourced from this region are always considered to be the most expensive aquamarines sourced anywhere in the world.

The gemmological structure, washed from the Marambaia and drained through the great Sao Francisco River, is thought to give the finest clarity. This, coupled an excellent cut grade, makes this aquamarine exceptional. The fine belle opaque filigree metal work in platinum has been hand set with fine old-cut diamonds and is set with a single natural pearl at the neck line and suspended by a fine platinum chain clasp centrally at the nape. This is a true example of the finest craftsmanship found anywhere in Europe during the era.

We are always seeking to purchase new items of jewellery for our window collection, so if you would like consider selling an item please drop by the store for a current valuation. No appointment is necessary and the store at 32 London Street is open from 9am until 4.30pm Tuesday till Saturday.

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