2.4ct Kashmir Sapphire & Transition Cut Diamonds set in Platinum

A magnificent 2.4ct oval cut brilliant sapphire of true blue hue encapsulating the most intense middle deep ocean blue saturation of colour found anywhere within the sapphire spectrum of colour. This most desirable of colour often referred to as the violet effect, inspired the belief that they held together the earth and the reflection gave the sky its colour. Formed in the trigonal system from Corundum, our sapphire originated from the Kashmir region of the Himalaya mountains known as Zanskar range with the famous Simla mine owned by the revered Maharaja of Kashmir. The principle stone is Victorian and dates circa 1885. The ring once formed an elaborate head dress in the form of a diadem but was reset within a ring formation in the mid 1950’s. The ring has a halo of transition cut period diamonds and smaller Paris cut sapphires once receiving the ring it was in a poor condition and we had the ring re – shanked in 950 platinum.